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Wedding Dresses & Matching Accessories

Now that you have chosen the wedding dress, you must find out matching accessories to put forward a great look and appearance. Right accessories can totally change your personality on the big day. While fashion is of prime importance, the accessories you use should never be over worked and this applies for the bridesmaid dresses as well.

While accessorizing means embellishing, but it should be done in a way to add a little extra to the wedding dresses and the bridesmaid dresses. It is really fun to have accessories, but one has to keep in mind that these should always complement the attire and never fight with or overpower the dresses.

Many would-be brides get puzzled when it comes to choosing matching jewelry with choices from statement to the classics, from vintage to the contemporary. The thumb rule is that though hair styles may differ slightly, the accessories must be identical. Let us now discuss all the accessory options available for bridal parties.

1. The hair and veil accessories.

There were times when the brides used to wear veils to prevent the evil spirits or avoiding bad luck resulting from the groom seeing the bride before wedding. As veils were classic statements those days, even today using the right veil can make quite a statement! The veil should be of the same color of the dress and wearing this during the wedding ceremony with tiara or comb or pin can showcase the appearance in great ways.

Bridal Hair Accessories

2. Jewelry

The jewelry the brides wear are the most cherished possession and emotional element but attention should be given for avoiding excess; specially if the bridal dress already has many crystal embellishments and beadings. A diamond ring or a pearl necklace or gem-studded bracelet can match the style and design of the wedding dresses and bridesmaids dresses and add to the personality of the brides and bridesmaids. A simple pair of diamond studs or teardrop earrings imparts great look most of the times.

3. Gloves.

Gloves are absolutely optional for wedding ceremonies. You can have anything from wrist or elbow length, or the most formal, opera length extending to the upper arms. But you have to ensure that the color of the gloves always match the color of the dress and the veil and discard the old fashion of having contrasting whites.

4. Shoes

No bohemianism works out for the wedding ceremony. You may think that the shoes will be fully covered by your floor length wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses but you must wear proper shoes. High heels can be used but keep in mind that these do not make you awkwardly tall. It is better to patronize a shoe with moderate heel or comfy flats that go well with the attire. One can get cushioned or gel inserts to make the shoes more comfortable.

5. Flowers

Personal flowers and bouquets are considered as accessories to the wedding dresses. It is not compulsory to have only white flowers; one can definitely play with the colors being creative in selecting flowers. For a classic appearance use white flowers, for making a dramatic statement orchids should be used and like that. Just be sure that the floral accessories should not contain every bloom of the season. You can opt for the most popular round hand-tied bouquet or a cascading type that spills over the base. Teardrop shapes that are combinations of the round and cascade and the nosegay – a small cluster made with a dominant flower color can also be used.

The bottom line

There are some golden rules for accessorizing the wedding dresses. You should always match the metals and remember that the less is always the more. When getting the accessories always note the details of the dress and always keep in mind that you do not need too many things to look beautiful. You must consider your hair type and choose your hair styles before opting for veils, tiaras etc. There are many simple ways to add elegance to your personality. Use a belt or sash that goes well with your shape. Normally you should not go beyond three inches wide as that will overpower the rest of the wedding dress. Though it is a very special day, it is always better to stick to what you know yourself. The goal is to look best and comfy.

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