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To do list for a wedding


A list is very much needed for a wedding. It will help you to remember all the things that you need to buy. Rather it is better to keep a list because it helps to keep a track of the amount that is being spent in shopping. If you have a well prepared list then you can check the items that have already been bought.

Choose A Good Wedding Dress

The list

There are a number of things that are needed during a wedding. It does not matter if it is the wedding of a man or a woman, the list remains the same. To begin with the most important thing that is the flower. No matter, whether the wedding is Hindu Muslim or Christian.

Flowers are very important in a wedding. You need to talk to a florist who will deliver the flowers on the main day. Bouquet for the bride, separate bouquets for the bridesmaids are very popular. Flowers are for groomsmen, family, relatives. Make a deal with them so that they do not charge more than what has been decided.

The next important item is the wedding dresses both for the groom and the bride. You need a good deal of time for stitching the wedding dresses. Not only the dress of the groom or bride is important but also the bridesmaid dresses are also very important. It looks very beautiful on the wedding day when the bridesmaids come in the same dress.

The next on the list is the venue of the wedding. It is very difficult to find a proper venue for wedding these days. If you are getting married in a church then also you have to tell the father, if you are looking for an outdoor location, you need to find a place which will suit your budget perfectly. After finding a place you need to think of the decor of the place. Placement of the aisle to the archways, curtains, drapes. If the wedding is taking place in the daytime then the decoration should be simple which matches with the bridesmaid dresses as well as the bride's. If you do not have any clue where to buy dresses from then you can go to the website and check the outfits in They are extremely beautiful and popular. That is why is the most popular hunt for the would-be brides. If the wedding is taking place at night then you need some music arrangements also. The decoration will be a little bright with good marquees, lightings, music and DJ of course.

The next item in your list is photographer as well as a videographer. But before you finalize a photographer, request them to give you a copy of their previous work's photos. You will then get an idea how good their work is. Ask for the breakdown of their payment. Ask them how long they can stay and if they are going to bring any people with them or not. Do not forget to ask them about how much they will take for editing the photos and videos as well as copies of the photos. Make sure you have a good deal with them.

Then comes the wedding cards. You also need to choose a good design for the wedding cards. Before giving your car for printing you need to know the number of invitees in the wedding. You must keep the head count in mind so that you can tell before you give your cards for printing. Remember to have a good, simple and a sophisticated design for your card so that your guests like them.

Then you have the transportation. This is again very important because if the number of invitees in your house is more then you have to book a fleet of cars ready before the wedding. If some of your guests are coming from abroad then you may need a few cars to fetch them from the airport. If you have loads of money and want to conduct the wedding lavishly then you can also hire a limousine. If not then you can also go for normal cars.

Then comes the most important thing which is the food and drinks. Many people prefer wine and champagne to other drinks. You need hire a very good catering service to have very good food arrangements. Your impression is somewhat linked with the food. Go for those catering services that fit your budget.

These are the impact things that are needed in a wedding.

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