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How to tackle the Big Day as a bridesmaid with wedding dresses?

Haven’t been attached to any of those formalities associated with a wedding? Are you the bridesmaid? If the answer to both of the above mentioned questions is yes, then you might be in a little deeper water than you can actually imagine. All of this might seem a little daunting to you, and it is so. However, if you have a clear mind and remember the dos and don’ts of the whole job then you are going to be absolutely fine. You might have fun as well on the wedding. So, coming back to the main topic, the main ordeal starts right at the wedding dresses.

The very first and the most important responsibility that a bridesmaid has is to take care of the bride and take care of all her attributes as well as demands on the day of her wedding. It is one of her most important days in life, and it is up to the bridesmaid to make her feel special. You should also take care of any sort of nervous jitters which might affect the bride at the 11th hour of the wedding.

Wedding Dresses and Bridesmaid Dresses

Taking care of wedding dresses

Having said that, let’s chalk down the duties that a chief bridesmaid is required to do on the Big Day as a part of the service to the bride. Let’s start right at the mornings. It depends on the bridesmaid to take care of all the dresses and makeup that are related to the bride. Along with that, a bridesmaid can manage the combination of her bridesmaid dresses as well. So at the morning, the bridesmaid should get to the wedding venue or the bride’s house and make sure that the dress is ready as well as the hairdresser and makeup have arrived on schedule.

A bridesmaid can also make sure to assort a private bag for the bride that contains all the essentials that she might need in the venue, including the likes of tissue papers, blotting papers, touch-ups as well as some emergency sewing kit as well, in case things go haywire.

The next step in this line of duty is to make sure to reach the wedding venue with the bride as well as the other bridesmaids well before time. You can wear your bridesmaid dresses after reaching the venue if there is a sort of time crisis. Photography sessions might start once you arrive with the bride but be in a tight check to eliminate any causes of extra time waste by photographers.

Other duties

When the ceremony starts, it will be the duty of the bridesmaid to ensure that all people are calmly assembled. When it is time to take out the bride, be sure to maintain a very peaceful decorum. Check up on the bride for the last time before she goes out. Check for her hair, along with her makeup, as well as her clothes. She would be eager to receive a green signal on the look from you. Once the bride is out, make sure that everything stays in order.

After the wedding is finished, it is time for the reception party. Check up on the bride to see if she is doing okay. She might be hungry, so you would have slip her some drinks as well as some food. Check up on her wedding dresses as well as she might want to change in to a comfortable wear for the reception party.

Having said that, make sure that you get everyone doing well at the reception. The bride will be very busy at the reception anyways. So she could not be particular about all guests. Act as the bride’s proxy and take care of them. When it is time for the couple to get away, be ready with the bride’s essentials including wedding dresses so that she does not need to worry about it. Pack her dresses up as well.

In this way a bridesmaid can actually carry out a beautiful wedding. As you can very well see that the duties of a bridesmaid are immense in her bride’s wedding. From taking care of those wedding dresses to give the bride a good farewell – all this is a part of the bridesmaid’s duty.

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