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How to choose wedding dress fabric for a Summer wedding

Summer is the best and the worst time to get married. You can wear the most beautiful dresses, you don’t have to wear layers and the weather is perfect for those amazing wedding dresses. However, summers are hot, which means you’ll probably be sweating a lot! That’s why these next dresses are the best for summer weddings.

Stunning Short Chiffon Lace Wedding Dress HSNCI0000

Stunning Short Chiffon Lace Wedding Dress

Short wedding dresses are one option, and this short dress is great for a casual beach wedding. It has some lace details and it’s very dainty and pretty. It has a v-neck and three quarter lace sleeves, which may not be the best if you sweat a lot, but it is a short dress, so it is manageable.

Amazing Vintage Lace Beach Backless Sexy Long Wedding Dress HSNBD0014

Amazing Vintage Lace Beach Backless Sexy Long Wedding Dress

Lace wedding dresses are another option, and this dress is the perfect mix of lace and organza, as well as of long and short. It’s long, but the organza is a bit see-through, so you can see it’s actually short underneath. The lace on the top part of the dress is beautiful and this is definitely the perfect princess-type dress for summer.

Australia Beach Long Wedding Dress HSNBD0040

Australia Beach Long Wedding Dress

I’m not sure why, but Greek-style wedding dresses scream summer to me. This one is definitely one of the prettiest Greek-style dresses I’ve ever seen. It is perfect for the summer and I’m sure you will be one of the most gorgeous brides people have ever seen. The rhinestone details around the waist make it even more special, as well as the asymmetry between the shoulders.

Australia A-Line Vintage Long Wedding Dress HSNAL0117

Australia A-Line Vintage Long Wedding Dress

This dress is definitely great for beach weddings. It’s very airy, light and it moves with you. The rhinestone details give it a special touch, so does the sweetheart neckline. This gives you so much room for jewellery and hairstyles, so that you can make it very beach-appropriate, or more elegant.

Amazing A-Line Vintage Long Wedding Dress HSNAL0064

Australia A-Line Vintage Long Wedding Dress

Another gorgeous and light dress, but this one is special in its own way. The neckline is decorated with rhinestones, but it’s made of transparent material, which makes it very dainty and sophisticated. It also has a sweetheart neckline, but the transparent material gives you more support and you don’t have to worry about it sliding down.

Cheap Beach Long Wedding Dress HSNBD0214

Cheap Beach Long Wedding Dress

The last dress is this gorgeous dress that is very elegant, stylish and breezy. It moves with the body, and it almost also has that Greek vibe to it. It, of course, has some rhinestones, which make everything look even better, it has no sleeves, which is a plus, and it does have straps, which is always my favourite option.

I hope these dresses amaze you just as much as they amaze me! I wish you the most beautiful summer wedding!

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